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  • Product Line: Scent Pod®
  • Fragrance: Driftwood or Just Peachy

Driftwood Scent Pod® Fragrance Wax Melts

Driftwood - Timeless as the tides, rugged bergamot flows effortlessly with green leaf and cedarwood.

Proprietary Blend of Wax Is high-quality, food-grade paraffin.
Long Lasting We’ve quality tested each Scent Pod® to ensure up to 20 hours of consistent fragrance.
No Scraping Needed When the scent is gone, or you just want to change scents, simply replace the plastic pod on the heating surface after the wax has cooled.
Easy Storage Just snap the lid back on between uses to keep the fragrance strong, and stack for easy storage.
Reusable Friendly Give your Scent Pod new life as a snack or storage container by simply melting the wax on your Warmer and carefully pouring it out into a heat-proof container for disposal.

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