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Candle Holders

Turn your house into a home and show off your personal style by adding decorative candle holders to your favorite candles.
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White Holiday Sparkle Wrap

4 1/8" D X 2" H

Mini Starry Holder

Mini Starry Holder - Add dimension and texture to your favorite candles to create a personalized look.

Easily Decorate with wraps and candles to create a home that looks as good as it smells.
Personalize your candles with décor accents that turn your house into a home.
Protect Surfaces by adding a buffer between your favorite tabletops and your favorite candles.

For use with Mini Heritage® and VoLights™.

Bubble Tealight Glass


Ruby Tealight Glass


Snowy Cabin Tealight Holder


Teenie Mistletoe Wrap


Teenie Turkey Holder


Snowy Village Wrap


Mistletoe Wrap


Autumn Leaves Wrap


Mini Mistletoe Wrap


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