Candle Care

For Candles That Last Longer.

Proper candle care not only keeps your candles beautiful, but it also extends the life of your candles so you get more hours of burn time! For under $20, you'll have the basic tools you need for years of candle care: a Wick Trimmer and Wick Dipper. Click here to learn more about proper candle care.

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Wick Trimmer

Keep your wicks trimmed to 1/4" easily with this stainless steel Wick Trimmer that cuts your wicks to the precise height.

Ornament Wick Sitter™

5 1/4" L X 1" W

Questamation Wick Sitter™

Questamation Wick Sitter™

Classic Wick Dipper

Classic Wick Dipper

Single Winter 2018 Catalog